Monday, August 6, 2012

Luz is Back!

Hey! Hope everyones doing great! I think some of the fams in hawaii. lucky ducks! I dont know if your there but i know its somtime around this time. Hope you are all having great summers! Enjoy it! Enjoy family! Theres nothing greater than family and love ones! Well we got the luz (electricity) back! haha. Finally! It wasnt to pretty here for almost a week. Its amazign how i went from always expecting hot showers in home and then i was humbled with just cold showers and now ive been humbled and just gratful to have a shower. haha. The bucket and bowl with dirty water wasnt to fun after the 2nd time. haha. But its all good. A growing experience. So with electricity back everyones goin nuts on olympics. Its so cool how the whole world is into it. It tortures me not being able to watch it. so keep me updated. expecially on the US.haha. im ecuadorian for a couple but american for life! Gotta represent! haha.Well not much to say this week. Lets just say ive been out of service for a little while. Wont say much more than that but i will say i am so thankfull for the wonderful blessing of the priesthood and the power of God through prayer and his love and his power. Through god, everything is possible. We just have to always be talking to him! And be worthy to talk to him. Well i love you all so much! Probly have more next week. Things are good. Got some great investigadors. Nothins gone through yet but were hoping to really make some progress this week. This sector is young and we really want to get things going. God bless all of you. I really hope you all know how much i love you! 
Elder Jacobsen 

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