Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Survived 1st Change

HOLA!!!! Como estan mis amigos and familia! Well, i survived my first change here. Wahoooo!  a change is every 6 weeks if you didnt know. Me and elder wittee did not get called to change so we get another 6 togeather. haha. I am neither happy or sad. Because i cant complain about elder wittee. Hes been a great trainer thats taught me a lot of tricks of success and how to learn. The only thing is my spanish. I feel like my spanish has been very slow because he always wants to learn english and he still speaks portegeese at times so its really frustrating when i feel like i can be learning faster. And somtimes i get on him about taking english. Everytime he speaks english i just say como. no hablo ingles. And he gets bugged at times but its the only way im going to learn. haha. But ya, hes great. He has his times if you know what i mean and thats the hardest. When hes down it just kills me. so ive used that to tell my self i will do everything i can possibly do to always be or at least act positive. haha. becasue i dont want to bring down any companion of mine. so ya, with the language its slow. One thing i am learning is patience. Its wierd, almost all the elders understand way before they can talk. Im like messed up or somthing. Becuase i can talk pretty decent but i just dont understand anthing! But ya, other than that things are great! Two things that i cant get over are the darn dogs in church. Its the first time ive been in chrch and theres just dogs walkin around and its normal. haha. This place is crazy! haha. And another thing that i will never get used to is the darn breat feeding! NO NO NO! Its just not right! They just drop it and expect you to talk to them like everythings all right. But its not! hah, i want to just say no! YOu can wait! Or that kids 5 years to old for that. Ill buy you milk if youll stop! haha... Well found out some awesome news! So our mission is doing great! For the first time in mission history we surpassed the Goal for a month of babtisms. I wont say the number but our missions strong! In reward, Elder Christofferson is coming Sept 1st! yeaaahh! Im so excited! I was really reallly really really excited and then i found out he speaks spanish. then i was like nooooo! haha just kidding! Its gonna be great! I just wish i could contribute to the babtisms of the mission! Our district has been struggling for months now. Me and elder Wittee had the first for our district in like a 2 months my second week here but i Do NOt COUNT it as my first babtism because he really didnt teach her! I want to count my first babtism with someone i really taught and invited! I cant wait for the day! We have 3 amazing investigadors that are so ready. They are our three closest and most ready but guess what. Ya, not one of them are legally married!!!!!!!!! 2 of them are trying and i pray that it will work out. The other her esposo doesnt want to legally marry. its so frustrating. Please pray for them! Benigno, Lorena, and Jara!! I know they can do it! Well thats all for today. Love and miss you all so so so so so much! 

Elder Jacobsen Here are a few pictures! Hope they go through... actually have some homemade weights! My bucket and bowl i use to shower with when powers out. thats fun. Me and elder Wittee on a little jungle hike. Me attempting to teach english. haha!!! 

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