Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Baptism

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing great! I think I heard that the U.S did great in the olympics! Yeah! But even more of a yeah is the fact that I won’t ever miss another olympics! haha! Man I miss sports and just ya! But it’s all good! It’s all worth it! Wanna know why?  FIRST BAUTISMO! Wahoo! haha... So we’ve been working with a hermana and her duaghter for a while and they were having some troubles but finally decided it was the right path and ya! Haha, but it was crazy. The little daughter Shirley when asked who she wanted to baptize her chose Elder Wittee and said that I scare her. hahaha. It was way funny and I don’t blame her.  Some white giant that talks funny. haha. But anyway it was time for the baptism and we assumed Witte would do both but when Elder Wittee was getting dressed the hermana Mariuxi said why aren’t you getting dressed? I told her that I dont when I’m not the one baptizing. She said but your baptizing me! I thought she was joking at first until she said I told you I wanted you to baptize me! I was like wait what. Haha Anyway, long story short I ran to the house got the clothes at the same time trying to memorize how to baptize in spanish and her mile long name! haha, but it all worked out! It was sweet! An awesome, crazy first experience. Nothing better than a little adrenaline for the first right. Anyway, it was really sweet but please, please pray for her. She has had some trouble with the word of wisdom and law of chastity. That was what we were most worried about. She passed the interview. But I still have fear! Please pray that she will continue to seguir adelante and endure to the end! Well things are good. No time, but I think that’s big enough news for this week! I Love you all so so so much! I will never be able to express it! I literally have the best family and friends in the world! Miss you and love you! 
Elder Jacobsen 

P.S Here are a few pics. First is of what was going to be dinner! haha! Then a little picture of a sunset that gives no justice of some of the sunsets here. And last baptism! 

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