Monday, August 6, 2012

No Luz

Hey everyone! Well im glad we found a cyber shack with electricity. The past 3 days weve been living sin luz! Which is electricy. It went from almost camping to literraly camping. haha. we use candles at night. Aparrently this happens quite abit. either the area isnt paying for it so they turn it off or its just a common power outage. it was the first and they tried to turn it back on and it exploded so they try to fix it tomorrow. For now no fridge, no light, no fans, no shower, no toilet, you name it. haha. its getting a little nasty. but i wont go into detail. i just hope i dont get sick. ive been talking to a bunch of elders and 4 out of the six gringos ive talked to got sick the first week and were in the hospital. and all them have been in the hospital at least once. so im glad ive passed the first week curse and im doing everything i can to stay heathly. thats i mission in itself. haha. So people cant find this place and i think i found out why. haha. its not legal. apprently the people just came here in built there little houses and when the government tried to kick em out they fought with machetis. The government just gave in but its not techinically a city. but im in the guayaquil pascuales area. its northwest of guayaquil gauyaquil. you might be able to find a place called bastion. its next to that. just a huge area of dirt green and hogares de cristo. Well, the langauge is the language. what to see other than im learning patience. im picking things up but i still cant understand them. everythings blended and ss are droped and everything is abreviated. when i ask them to slow down or speeak for simple they try for like 30 seconds and then back to normal. its not the funnest not being able to communicate and its got to me a little bit but i just remind myself that its all worth it and its going to come. God called me here for a reason. And im just going to work my hardest and let him do what he wants with me. im his for 2 years and im trusting him. Well i tried added some flavor to the food. i took thre warm milk, bannas, oreos, and mixed it up and had the elers try it. haha. it was not a normal milkshake but it wasnt to bad. and they loved it. No matter how many bannansas or water i drink its not enough. haha. ive woken up almost everynight this past week or so with cramps inmy legs. i walk like a 1000 miles eeryday and sweat 10x more than what i drink so ya. cramps is the result. hopfully my body just gets use to it. Well i have tons i can say but no time. The work is great! It is a lot but so great! WE have some great investigators. The people love the gospel here! Its great! I love feeling the spirit as we teach and see the light grow in the eyes. All we need is for them to get married and go to church. haha. Hey, i love you all so much. Everyday i realize more and more how lucky i am and how great i had it. I have the best family and friends in the world. I love you so much and miss you! 
Elder Jacobsen 

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